Thursday, November 7, 2013

The More You Play By The Rules, The More You Get Beat Up On

"The more you play by the rules, the more you get beat up on.”

David Prestin, a 48-year old who operates a gas station and a diner at a truck stop in Michigan's Upper Peninsula is quoted as saying this in The Washington Post this week.

Prestin is one of the millions of Americans who have found that the Affordable Care Act is not so affordable.  He recently found out that his health insurance plan premiums will rise from $923/month to $1,283 per month in order to comply with Obamacare mandates. He found a cheaper plan but he and his wife would have to change all of their doctors and they would need to travel more than 100 miles from their home for hospital care under that plan.

“I pay my taxes. I’m assistant chief of the volunteer fire department here in Cedar River and a first responder for Mid-County Rescue,” Prestin said. “You try to be personally accountable and play by the rules, but the more you play by the rules, the more you get beat up on.”

Why does it seem that every issue that President Obama gets involved with he has a similar mindset. It never seems to cross his mind to think about the people who have worked and tried to do the right thing.  He seems to be only focused on trying to bail people out of their woes.

That is a noble goal.  There are a lot of people that need help.  There are many innocent victims as a result of their upbringing and other circumstances.  However, there are also a large number who did themselves in with poor decisions.  People who bear some (or a lot of ) responsibility for their own plight.

That does not seem to enter into the mind of President Obama.  He is shown he is more than willing to sacrifice those Americans who played by the rules to further his "social justice" agenda.

Obamacare is a perfect example.  Don't worry about the hard working people like David Prestin who went out and bought health insurance without an individual mandate to do it.  He can be sacrificed. It is more important to extend health insurance to someone else who does not have it.  Even if they could have done so but wanted a new big screen tv instead.

Don't worry about the young man waiting patiently in Ghana to come to the United States legally.  Someone who is following the U.S. immigration laws and rules to come to the United States the right way. Go ahead and grant citizenship to the other young man from Mexico who broke our laws and snuck into the United States illegally.

Don't worry about the young couple who got caught in the housing implosion and are now struggling with their mortgage payments.  They cut everything in their household budget to the bone and take second jobs to make sure they stay current.  Go ahead and provide mortgage relief only to those who are behind on their payments or are in foreclosure.

Don't worry about the working couple who started a business in their garage and built it into a success employing hundreds of people. After all, in President Obama's mind they didn't build that. Raise their taxes, regulate their business and put a bunch of costly healthcare mandates on the healthcare they provide for their employees.

Don't worry about the retired couple who scrimped and saved their entire lives to build a nest egg for retirement. They weren't asking for much.  They thought if they could just make 4%-5% a year in interest income off of their savings they could have a comfortable retirement. Go ahead and support a Federal Reserve policy to keep interest rates low to bail out Wall Street and the federal government at the expense of those people who lived by the rules their whole lives.

We see it over and over with President Obama. The rule of law and those who play by the rules seem to matter very little.  The only thing that matters is his agenda and what he considers to be his political base. And he has shown he will say anything to further those goals. Everyone and everything else is expendable.

The problem is that those people that he continually beats on, those that have done it right, are the people that have made America what it is. They are the people that get up early and work late. They are the people who put on a uniform and defended this country. They are the people who have built this country and who have paid the bills.

The United States of America does not work without those people. Barack Obama does not seem to understand this. And in the process he is destroying what has made America great. Unfortunately, those who will pay the biggest price for this in the end are the very people he professes that he wants to help.

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