Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Carnage and Coincidence

All of our thoughts and prayers are with those who are dealing with the terror attack in Boston yesterday.

It was an unspeakable crime (or act of war) and it is my hope that justice is swift and harsh to those that caused such carnage to innocent people.

What I found interesting is we keep seeing this horrific events in mid-April. Why?  Coincidence?

Consider the following:

Waco siege                                     April 19, 1993

Oklahoma City Bombing                 April 19, 1995

Columbine                                          April 20, 1999

Virginia Tech massacre                         April 16, 2007

Boston Marathon bombings                     April 15, 2013

Speaking of coincidences, look at these two photographs that were taken immediately after the two bombs exploded near the finish line of the Boston Marathon yesterday.

This first photo was on the front page of USA Today this morning.

Credit: USA Today/Boston Globe via Getty Images

The second photo was also in the paper but deeper into the news section.  Do you notice anything about the two images that is interesting? You can go here for a larger image.

Credit: USA Today/David L. Ryan, The Boston Globe via Getty Images

What caught my eye is the fact that both pictures (taken by different photographers) were snapped at exactly the same moment.  Look at the three police in the top image and compare to the bottom image.

They are in exactly the same poses.  In fact, you can see the photographer (in yellow) taking the first picture in the second image standing right in front of the police over the fallen runner.  Truly amazing and truly appalling at the same time.

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