Sunday, August 4, 2013

Three Interesting Charts From Last Week

BeeLine's antennae are always up looking for interesting charts that convey interesting information.

Here are three that I landed on as I was scanning the data landscape over the last week.

This knowledge, that is as sweet and delicious as any nectar, is delivered to you free of charge compliments of BeeLine.

If you don't fully understand how much Ben Bernanke and the Federal Reserve have been meddling in the economy look at this chart prepared by Zero Hedge.  This chart also shows the projected tapering the Fed suggested they might undertake beginning in 2014-2015.  Keep in mind that when Bernanke hinted that this might occur several weeks back it promptly sent the markets into a panic.

This is cause for a little concern, wouldn't you say?  It is if we have built a glass house, on a mound of sand sitting atop the San Andreas Fault.

I am always worried about a young child running out into the street chasing a ball without looking.  This Wall Street Journal chart indicates I have it all wrong.  I need to be looking out for the youngster's grandfather.

Persons over the age of 70 are 7 times more likely to be a pedestrian fatality than a child under the age of 13!  The good news is how far pedestrian deaths have fallen over the last 35 years.  It should be pointed out men are almost 3 times as likely to be a pedestrian fatality.  That is why I am more concerned about grandpa than grandma.

Finally, consider that singe-mother families make up over half of all households in poverty.  In fact, 58% of the children in single-mother households live in poverty according to this chart from

Reducing out of wedlock births should be one of the highest priority public policy issues in the country.  And yet no one really seems to talk about it.

I think it is especially ironic that there is so much energy being devoted to enabling gay marriage when we pay so little attention to getting heterosexual people married before having a child.

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