Sunday, February 14, 2016

Are You Willing To Bet Your Life, Livelihood and Liberty On Trump?

If you did not know what a Trumpertantrum was you should know now if you watched Saturday's GOP Debate in South Carolina.

I lost count of how many people Trump called liars during the course of the night.

You can expect him to say that about anyone who might question him on anything.

However, I did not expect that he would do a Michael Moore impersonation and call President George W. Bush one as well.

If you are still thinking of supporting Trump in the GOP primaries, please think again.

He is just too risky to consider nominating if you are a Republican.

Then again, I would support him 100% if he was running as a Democrat.

I am still disappointed that Trump is not being more seriously challenged by the other candidates (or by the media for that matter) on his past positions and on his temperament to be President.  After Saturday night you can understand why everyone is a little gun shy. After all, who wants to be called a liar in front of 15 million people?

It will be interesting how this week unfolds in South Carolina on the campaign trail as President Bush turns out to campaign with Jeb in the Palmetto State.

16 years ago George W. Bush was defeated by John McCain in New Hampshire and went to South Carolina down 20 points in the polls two weeks before the primary. Bush beat him 53%-42% and McCain was out of the race less than three weeks later.

Will Trump continue to defy political gravity or will he pay a price for his Trumpertantrum?

The one thing I do know is that Trump will win if he is not challenged. A great number of candidates self-destruct on their own. It is clear by now that Trump is indestructible on that score. His supporters appear to think that even the most moronic things he says are actually some brilliant strategy.

He is only going to be defeated by making people confront just how risky a Donald Trump can be to their lives, livelihood and liberty as the GOP nominee or as the President of the United States.

No one truly knows what he will do. And I think that includes Trump!

Ted Cruz has the most to gain if Trump trips up.

Rubio is right behind Cruz.

Jeb has been the guy most willing to take on Trump. Of course, he has the most motivation to do so because Trump has so mercilessly attacked Jeb over the course of the campaign. In addition, at this point Jeb has little to lose in taking on Trump. He is hanging on for his life in the polls so there is little downside and a good deal of upside if he can get under Trump's skin.

With that being said, this is how I would challenge Trump if I were Cruz and establish the thought in voter's minds that Trump is "Risky Business" despite the fact that the voters may like what he is saying.



Ted Cruz speaks to Donald Trump

(I have purposely excluded from the script what I estimate will be 15 interruptions by Trump, 5 times that he calls Cruz a liar and the one time Trump calls Cruz an illegal immigrant from Canada before the entire message is delivered.)

Donald, you have enjoyed great success in the business world.

Along the way you had to take considerable risks. It was risky to invest in New York City when you first started. Or to move into Atlantic City. Many times you had to borrow large sums of money from big banks to achieve your dreams.You have been well rewarded for the risks you took over the years.

However, not ever risk turned out well for you. Many of your big bets came out as winners but you also had your share of losers.

Four times the companies you controlled ended up in bankruptcy. You avoided personal bankruptcy because of good legal advice in structuring your businesses and the forbearance of your bankers. You made the system work for you. Good for you.

However, it is one thing to make big bets with your own money or the money of big Wall Street banks.

It is another thing altogether to make big bets with the lives, livelihood and liberty of the American people.

When you talk all we hear about how this or that is going to be the greatest, or the best or hugest ever.

There has never been anything you have taken on in your life that you did not think was going to be great. Optimism is a great trait.

However, at least four times in your life things that you said were going to be great or the best ever ended up in bankruptcy.

You personally survived and prospered by the good graces of the big banks and the bankruptcy laws.

Leading and governing our country is much different than running your business.

There are no bankers to bail you out——only taxpayers.

You are not dealing with Atlantic City casino chips when you make antagonistic or insulting statements about other countries. Or other leaders. You may be betting American lives while doing it. At a minimum, you may be betting the jobs of American workers and the livelihood of their families as a result of a trade war.

When you ignore basic American values and rights—for example, your attempt to take an elderly woman’s house for a casino parking lot through the power of eminent domain—you threaten individual liberty.

The protection of our constitutional values and liberties took an even more serious turn this weekend with the passing of Justice Scalia.

What confidence can we have that you will appoint someone of a similar mind as Justice Scalia to protect our founding principles and values? After all, several months ago you stated that your sister, a federal judge, would be a "phenomenal" Supreme Court justice. It is understandable that you love and respect your sister.

We are talking about a lifetime appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court. I know your family is important to you and you have surrounded yourself with your children in your business. However, I think you should be able to see why that utterance should give everyone some pause right now.

I know taking risks and making big bets has been the key to your business success.

Risky Business has worked for you personally.

However, are American voters willing to bet their lives, livelihood and liberty on you?

You are asking people to make a very big bet at a time when we cannot afford to be wrong. The stakes are YUGE as you would say.

That is very Risky Business for conservative, Republican voters.

There is only one safe path to the future. A return to our founding principles and the proven conservatism of Ronald Reagan.

That is what I offer.

Trusted Conservatism.

Voters can take that to the bank.

And it comes with no risk.


Are you willing to bet your life, livelihood and liberty on Donald Trump?

I am not.

Too risky for me.

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