Sunday, July 10, 2016

Half-Staff Nation

Have you noticed the American flag lately?


It seems that it is increasingly flying at half-staff.

Here are all of the times that President Obama has ordered the flag flown at half-staff over the last 12 months.

Chattanooga attack

Roseburg, Oregon attack

Paris attack

San Bernardino attack

Justice Scalia death

Nancy Reagan death

Belgium attacks

Orlando attack

Dallas attack

That is nine instances in the last year in addition to the half-staff commemorations held each year for Memorial Day and Peace Officers Memorial Day (May 15 each year--It seems that we should have two this year).

Seven or the nine were related to some kind of attack.

Five of the seven attacks were directly caused by some form of Islamic Radical Terrorism.

When you look at this don't you almost have to say to yourself,

"There's something going on."

Of course, that is the same thing that Donald Trump has said more than once for which he has been roundly criticized including in this Washington Post article, "The Four Cryptic Words That Donald Trump Can't Stop Saying".

Look at the flags flying at half-staff, seemingly day in and day out and ask yourself, is Trump saying anything you are not thinking?

There is something going on.

Just look at our flag. It says something.

Note: Many incorrectly refer to the flag as flying at "half-mast". Half-mast is reserved for flags flying aboard a ship. Half-staff is the correct usage for flags ashore.

You can go to to get all official American flag notifications.

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