Tuesday, September 13, 2016

What's Behind the Curtain?

What is the story behind Hillary Clinton's health?  That question has gotten a lot of media attention since Sunday when this video that was shot by an amateur videographer on Sunday. (No major news organization were present with cameras as the campaign did not alert the press that Hillary was leaving the 9/11 memorial service on Sunday morning because she was not feeling well.)

If the imbedded video does not work on your computer, go to this link.


I have viewed this and another video taken from another angle at least 50 times.  I am not a physician but what I saw in this video gives me serious concerns about Secretary Clinton's health. What's she hiding behind the curtain?

A few observations.

  • Notice that Hillary is obviously having a difficult time standing on the sidewalk as she is waiting for her vehicle to arrive. She is being held by the arm by her female handler and she is leaning against the steel security bollard for support.

  • When she attempts to move toward the van it is clear that she has no control over her body. She looks like a rag doll. Her legs start to collapse under her and if she were not being held she would clearly have fallen.

  • Things get even worse as she attempts to step off the small curb to street level. She completely collapses and she would have fallen into a heap on the street without her handler holding her up and the additional assistance of Secret Service agents who holds her from the left right side. IN addition, a second female aide behind her is supporting her under both arms. Note her right foot dragging on the curb and in all the way to the van and her shoe falling off in the street.

  • The result is that Hillary is practically thrown into the van head first with the assistance of three or four people.

  • Hillary has used the van since the start of the campaign and it has become popularly known as her "Scooby Van". However, it seems to be a curious vehicle for short campaign trips as we typically see Suburban SUV's or Cadillac sedans used for this purpose. Some have stated it almost looks like it has characteristics of an ambulance. It certainly looks like it is used so that Hillary can lie down and rest between stops.

  • What I found particularly interesting was the total nonchalance exhibited by everyone on Hillary's team as she went through this medical emergency.  They all looked like this was an everyday occurrence. There is no indication of any alarm or concern from any of them. In fact, look at the young man who comes in from the left near the end who appears to be looking at his cell phone. He hardly even looks up. I guess it is just another day dragging Hillary around. The only ones that show any urgency or concern are the two white-shirted NYPD police officers who see there is a problem and begin to intercede to offer assistance with some some urgency. Of course, they are campaign outsiders.

  • Supporting the fact that this does not seem to be an unusual occurrence is the fact that the Secret Service did not immediately transport Hillary to a hospital or medical facility. Instead, they took her to her daughter's apartment. Who would you do that, especially if we are to believe the story that she was dehydrated? Wouldn't they want to at least get her an IV to immediately infuse her with fluids? Maybe they are carrying an IV package in that Scooby van? However, why are they doing that for a candidate we are told is in "excellent health."

  • We also learned today that despite everything that occurred on Sunday morning, Hillary did not even see a doctor until she got to her home in Chappaqua, NY much later in the day. How does this make sense for a 69-year old woman who had the serious medical episode we witnessed on that video? It defies all common sense.

  • Complicating things even more are the ever changing stories about why Hillary left the 9/11 memorial service early. First it was explained that she just became overheated. Then (after the video surfaced) it was because she was dehydrated. Finally, ( after the mainstream media picked up the story) we hear that she had been diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday. However, that diagnosis did prevent her from attending a LGBT fundraiser in New York City hosted by Barbra Streisand on Friday night where she made her infamous statement that "You can put half of Trump supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables." Of course, what do you call someone who has pneumonia (which is potentially contagious) and you attend a fundraiser where you are shaking hundreds of hands?

  • Hillary's schedule during the month of August also indicates that something is going on behind the curtain. During the month she only made one campaign appearance between August 18 and August 31.  For the entire month she only attended 11 campaign events before 9,820 supporters. (Of course, this does includes fundraisers she might have attended. However, these are private events without media coverage and are much better able to be controlled). By comparison, Trump did 31 events totaling almost 200,000 attendees.

Source: The Gateway Pundit

If nothing else, there appears to be a significant energy gap between Hillary and Trump. And Trump is actually a year and a half older than Clinton.

Of course, Hillary's biggest problem in all of this is not her age or health status but her inability to do anything but try to live behind the curtain. Questions about her health status and the obfuscation that follows is just more of the same to keep herself shielded behind that curtain. It seems to be the same motivation that has fueled the entire email scandal and why Hillary's honesty and trustworthiness is viewed so skeptically by voters.

The question of what's behind the curtain also applies to Donald Trump and his tax returns. Trump still is hiding behind the excuse that the IRS is currently auditing his returns as the reason he cannot release them. Of course, my experience as a tax attorney and CPA would suggest that someone like Trump has multiple years under audit (or under administrative appeal) at all times. Therefore, there will never be a time in our lifetimes that he is not under audit.

However, the fact that the IRS is auditing Trump's tax returns does not prevent him from personally releasing his returns. Furthermore, even if he may not want to release the current returns that are under audit, there is nothing to prevent him from releasing earlier years. How about releasing 2006 or 1996?

You really have to wonder what is in those Trump returns? What's behind his curtain? My guess is that they would show that Donald Trump is not nearly as wealthy as he purports to be. For example, could there be anything worse for Trump than showing a return with income in 2014 of less than the Clinton's $28 million. The only thing I can think that would be worse is showing income of less than Romney's $11 million in 2011.

The only thing we think we know for certain right now is that one of these candidates will get a curtain call from the voters on November 8 (at least that was the case before we started hearing that Democrats may actually be preparing contingency plans to replace Hillary on the ballot) and the other will go home to presumably live behind their curtain for the rest of their days.

Will we ever find out what's behind each of their curtains?

I predict we will. I am just doubtful that we will know before Election Day.

In the meantime, that makes us all like contestants on Let's Make A Deal wondering what is really behind Door #3.

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