Thursday, August 1, 2019

Thoughts on the Democrat Debate

I spent the last two nights watching the Democrat Presidential debates. I missed round one last month when I was traveling so this was my first chance to see all the candidates up close and personal.

One of the remarkable things about the debate is that I don't think jobs or the economy were mentioned one time on either night.

The economy and jobs are usually the number one issue discussed at any Presidential debate I have watched for the last 60 years. What more do you need to know about what President Trump has achieved on this issue over the last two and half years?

In that there was little to talk about on jobs and the economy it seems that the Democrats were mostly focused on promising how much they are going to give everybody and what a racist and reprobate Donald Trump is.

Here are just a few of the Democrat giveaways promised.

Free healthcare coverage (if you don't calculate the large tax increase that will be required to pay for it)

Forgiveness of all student loan debt.

Free college.

Reparations for African Americans.

A $1,000 payment each month for every American (Andrew Yang's proposal).

Free healthcare for illegal aliens.

No longer considering it a crime to enter the United States illegally. At worst, it will only result in a civil penalty. I guess this means the offender might only have to pay a fine and be able to stay.

Of course, while they promise to give you free stuff they also want to take other stuff away.

Your employer-provided health care.

Your 2nd Amendment rights.

Your access to low-cost and convenient fossil fuels for energy needs.

Your job if you are in an industry (oil, gas, coal, insurance, Wall Street) that the Democrats want to demonize or eliminate.

The other remarkable takeaway from the debate is the fact that the Democrats are no longer hiding their agenda. It remains to be seen whether they really believe that the people in this country who vote have veered that far left or the Democrats are simply on a suicide mission.

Bill DeBlasio made it very clear where many of the Democrat candidates are when he said it is time they put their agenda out there for the American people to vote on. In effect, do Americans want socialism or the values and principles that made America the greatest country known to man?

Democrats have been very good in the past at "covering up" their own views in order to get elected. For example, they would say they were personally against abortion but they believed women should have the choice. They would never say they wanted to raise your taxes or take away your private healthcare. They would never tell you they wanted to double the price of gasoline or triple your utility bills.

Of course, that it exactly what they wanted to do. They just knew they could not get elected saying it.

Look no further than how Barack Obama ran for President.

Those days are gone. There is no "cover up" involving what most Democrat candidates want to do and how far left their views are any more. It is all out there for everyone to see.

The Democrats are doubling down on Trump and doubling down on their radical, progressive agenda.

In the process, they spent almost as much time last night criticizing Barack Obama as they did Donald Trump. Obama was too timid and too moderate. As a result, he was responsible for getting Trump elected.

It is a risky strategy. It could result in the end of Trump. However, it could also result in the end of the Democrat party as we know it.

There is only a small remnant left of what we used to understand the Democrat party to be. The party of the working man and woman which also believed in strong borders, a strong defense and a commitment to helping those who could not help themselves.

The only people on that stage who bear any resemblance to that Democrat were Joe Biden, John Delaney, Tim Ryan, John Hickenlooper, Michael Bennet and Steve Bullock. Barack Obama would have been in that group as well based on what he was saying when he ran for President. Make no mistake this entire group is still very liberal but they at least have some grasp of practical realities.

Of these, only Biden appears to have any chance at the nomination. However, he still is a man that will be 78 years old if he were to be elected President. I think there are substantial questions about whether he has the energy and mental fortitude for the rigors of a 16 month Presidential campaign run.

As for the rest, they are all WAY OUT there. I will say that I found both Tulsi Gabbard and Andrew Yang to be refreshing and to possibly have some potential. However, that potential is unlikely to be in 2020 where they will almost certainly have difficulty in separating themselves from the others.

Kamala Harris, who I believe is the candidate the Democrat and media establishment wants, came across to me as very unlikeable. That could prove to be her undoing as the candidate that connects best with voters almost always wins the Presidential race. (Yes, it was a low bar, but Donald Trump connected better than Hillary!)

Things will start to get serious for Democrats beginning with the next debate as the participation rules (based on poll numbers and money raised) will probably mean that half the candidates on the stage this week will not be on the debate stage next time.

If they are not on the debate stage it will be impossible for them to continue as candidates.

We are still in the early stages of this race. Much can happen...and will.

Stay tuned and stay in touch with BeeLine as events unfold.

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