Tuesday, December 31, 2019

The Best of BeeLine-2019

Here is a Top 10 List for the Best of BeeLine for 2019. The first 5 are the most popular posts I wrote during the year based on the number of views. The second 5 are a few of my personal favorites out of the 145 blog posts I wrote during the year.

If you missed reading these "Best of BeeLine" posts the first time around, here's another opportunity to get to "the shortest route to what you need to know" to start 2020 off right. You might also consider this forwarding this post to a couple friends who might appreciate a blog that tries to put some of the complicated issues of the day in context.

BeeLine readership continues to expand. Total readership grew by over 25% during the year. All of that growth is organic. I don't actively promote or advertise this blog. New readers almost always come from one of you passing it along to someone else.

If you enjoy BeeLine, please pass a recommendation on to your friends and family. I enjoy writing it but it is a lot easier to sit down, research and write when I know more are reading my blog.

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Thank you to all my loyal BeeLine readers and a Happy New Year to each one of you!

The Best of BeeLine-2019

Most Popular

There is no better word to describe Donald Trump than indefatigable. This post is also now the 4th most viewed blog post in the nine years I have been writing BeeLine.

The Democrats are not being honest with almost anything they tell you about what Medicare for All will be like. Facts about the current Medicare program and healthcare costs today.

This is Bad?

Written only two weeks ago but this blog post was shared  more broadly by my email subscribers with others than any post that I wrote this year. Worth reading by anyone who thinks that President Trump is the worst President ever and the United States is a horrible place to live.

Bernie Sanders talks a good game. However, how does he lead his own life? His tax returns reveal a lot.

We live in a soundbite world and a 280 character universe. That is a big reason why so many know so little today. A few examples of why people need facts and context to understand what is going on in the world. That is something I try to always do when writing BeeLine.

Five of My Favorites

Chinese Student Invasion

We are not just importing Chinese products these days. Chinese students are flooding U.S. college campuses.

The Ultimate Resource

We hear all the time that we are running out of natural resources. Fortunately, the ultimate resource---human ingenuity and innovation seems inexhaustible.

White Lightning

A most unlikely track and field star.

The Rise of the Metrosexual

Who knew that the birth control pill could change the type of man a woman is attracted to?

CO2 Math

In order to believe that carbon emissions in the United States have anything to do with our climate you have to believe that something that is .000156% of our atmosphere could have any effect. The math doesn't add up.

A Bonus Pick
One of the most read blog posts of the year and also a personal favorite.

Crazy and Improper

The Founders wrote the Constitution specifically to protect us from the crazy and improper things we are seeing around the country today.

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