Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Deluded Under Any Name

It seems that it is hard to keep track of how many people are deluded these days.

At the top of the list is New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio.

Let's start with the fact that DeBlasio entered the Democrat primary apparently believing that he could become President.

DeBlasio dropped out of the race in September, 2019 right after this poll came out showing the preferences of Democrat voters in New York City.

DeBlasio got 0% in his own city!

Source: @SienaResearch 9/8-12https://t.co/OE1fOSYaIj

Bear in mind this was before Covid-19 swept through his city leaving it with the highest death toll of any area in the United States.

At last count there have been more than 23,000 deaths in New York City alone from Covid-19.

About one in six deaths from Covid-19 in the United States and have been in the five boroughs of New York City.

There have been more deaths in New York City than in the states of Arizona, California, Florida, South Carolina  and Texas, COMBINED.

Of course, it is now known that almost all of the Covid-19 cases in the United States had their origins in New York City (after coming from China to Europe to NYC). If Cuomo and DeBlasio had been more proactive in instituting actions against the virus in early March much of what occurred later could have been avoided.

This New York Times article provides the background on how NYC seeded the virus to most of the rest of the country.

Who would have ever guessed this?

Consider what I wrote in March. This was written when the lockdowns were first being put in place.

I believe that there is almost no choice other than to lock down the New York City metro from the rest of the country. Flights need to be stopped in and out. Trains, buses and other public transportation that brings people in or out of the metro area need to also cease. A ban on all personal and non-essential travel in and out of the area may also be necessary if the numbers don't start dropping.

At this point it will do no good for Ohio or Nevada or Florida to go through extreme measures for several weeks to stop the spread only to have people from the most affected area in the country bring new cases of the virus in.

When President Trump floated this idea both DeBlasio and Cuomo vigorously opposed a travel ban in and out of New York. Cuomo said a quarantine of New York would be a "federal declaration of war".

Unfortunately, Trump backed down because of those words. Trump was right and should have followed through with his instincts. 

Consider as well what has happened in New York City in conjunction with the Black Lives Matter protests and riots in which DeBlasio has been front and center in pushing an anti-police agenda.

Crime exploded in New York City in the month of June.

Shootings     +130%
Murders         +30%
Burglaries      +118%
Auto thefts     +51%

For the month of June 2020, the number of people victimized by gun violence and murder in New York City spiked significantly, when compared to the same period in 2019. Between June 1 and June 30, there was a 130% increase in the number of shooting incidents across the city (205 v. 89) as the number of shootings rose in every borough of New York. The number of people murdered citywide increased to 39 v. 30, (+ 30%) for the month, while the number of burglaries increased to 1,783 v. 817 (+118%) and the number of auto thefts increased to 696 v. 462 (+51%) citywide.

Despite the increased crime, the NYPD reports that it actually has made 40,000 fewer arrests in 2020 than it did in the same period in 2019.

While all of this is transpiring in New York City Mayor DeBlasio is proudly stating that NYC has fewer people in jail than ay any time since WW2 and they are safer and better for it.

Source: https://twitter.com/JackPosobiec/status/1283768627007762434

Is there anyone more deluded than this?

While all of this has been going on DeBlasio was also painting a huge Black Lives Matter street mural on Fifth Avenue right in front of Trump Tower.

Credit: ABC News

He also recently announced that he wants to cut the NYPD budget by $1 billion.

However, while the NYPD is stretched to the limit and crime is rampant, how is DeBlasio allocating those precious law enforcement resources?

According to former Police Commissioner Bernie Kerik, DeBlasio is reportedly assigning 27 cops each day to the site of the BLM mural to see that nothing happens to it.

All of this while the rest of the city disintegrates? 

It is more important to protect paint on the street than the city's residents?

How deluded can one be?

The exodus is under way.

Apartment vacancies rising. Rents falling.

A real estate tidal wave in neighboring Connecticut is underway.

About one in four office employers intend to reduce their footprint by at least a fifth, and about 16% expect to move jobs out of the city, according to the Partnership for New York City, an influential group composed of corporate chief executives, which enlisted over a dozen consulting firms to work for free to conduct the study.

The study estimated that city and state tax revenue losses may exceed $37 billion during the next two years, as the state’s economic output drops 7%. The city’s economy could shrink as much as 13% this year.

A lot of the moves above were influenced primarily by Covid-19. What do you think it is going to look like when there is no confidence that the city will protect property or lives?

It all raises the question as to why does a man come to think this way?

The answer is usually apparent in looking at one's background.

The following was drawn from several sources including DeBlasio's Wikipedia profile as well as this Snopes article on DeBlasio.

Bill DeBlasio was born Warren Wilhelm, Jr. on May 8, 1961.

During the 1950's, both of his parents were accused of having a "sympathetic interest in communism".

Warren Wilhelm, Jr. became Warren DeBlasio-Wilhelm when he was 22 years old to honor his mother and his maternal family who were largely responsible for his upbringing. It appears that his father was largely absent during most of his childhood years.

DeBlasio received degrees from NYU (Metropolitan Studies) and Columbia (International Affairs).

Shortly after graduating from Columbia in 1987, DeBlasio went to work as a political organizer for the Quixote Center. The Quixote Center was heavily involved in the support of the Soviet-backed socialist Sandinista government in Nicaragua. DeBlasio traveled to that country during the Nicaraguan Revolution to provide food and medical supplies to the Sandinistas.

Upon returning to New York City after his time in Nicaragua, DeBlasio was an ardent supporter of the socialist government and was a member of the Nicaragua Solidarity Network of Greater New York  which raised money for the the Sandinista political party.

About this same time, DeBlasio got involved in local politics in New York City and worked for David Dinkins' mayoral campaign. He eventually ended up with a job as an aide in City Hall. When asked in 1990 about his goals for society, he stated he was an advocate for democratic socialism.

DeBlasio went on to be a campaign manager for Charles Rangel (U.S. House) and Hillary Clinton (U.S. Senate).

In the interim he got an appointment from the Clinton administration to be the Regional Director for HUD for the New York/New Jersey area.

In 2001, DeBlasio changed his name again and dropped the Wilhelm from the hyphenated name and also became William (Bill). The first name of Warren was gone. That is also the year that DeBlasio ran for City Council in New York City.

DeBlasio won his first term as Mayor in 2013 with 72% of the vote.

He was re-elected in 2017 with 65% of the vote.  

You might notice a similar career profile for DeBlasio as you do for other leftist politicians. He has never spent one day in the private sector. He has been a political organizer, activist, campaign aide, city hall aide, federal government employee and elected city official. He has never toiled in the private sector or had to meet a payroll. He has no appreciation for anyone who produces anything of value and  pays the taxes that make our society work. He seems to have no appreciation for the United States of America.

It is said that people get the representation they deserve.

Deluded voters might end up electing deluded leaders.

The name does not matter. The Warren Wilhelm, Jr. that was born in 1961 or the Bill DeBlasio that leads New York today. Bernie Sanders. Joe Biden. Barack Obama. There are similarities in all of their backgrounds. 

DiBlasio's background clearly led him down the wrong path. How unfortunate that he is leading so many others down a path of empty promises that will inevitably lead to despair. Look no further than what happened in Nicaragua and Venezuela when the socialists gained control. How far can New York City fall? 

This man is simply deluded----under any name.

Don't be deluded yourself. Your vote counts in 2020. Don't sell the country out to leaders who will do to the United States what DiBlasio is doing to New York City. 

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