Thursday, February 25, 2021

What Are You Concerned About?

What are you concerned about?

What are the biggest problems facing the country?

How you answer these questions says a lot about your political views.

Those answers also show how wide the political divide is in this country.

Echelon Insights recently released a survey in which it focused on voter priorities with particular attention on how Republican and Democrat primary look at different issues.

This was the question that the survey focused on most closely.

Here are the five issues that Republican voters are most concerned about.


Democrats have a slightly different list of concerns.


Let's put that list in perspective.

Democrats believe that Donald Trump's supporters are a bigger problem for the country than anything but the spread of Covid-19?

Trump's supporters are a bigger problem than the economic damage of Covid 19, Covid-19 school closures, health care coverage and costs, Social Security and Medicare, illegal immigration, high taxes, unemployment, budget deficits and the national debt, China, Russia, Islamic terrorism, income inequality, student debt, abortion rights, climate change, gun violence or anything else?

Here is a list of concerns that were only posed to Democrat voters to see how they might rank them in comparison to the Top 5 issues.


Here are the list of concerns that the the pollster posed only to GOP voters to get a sense of what was most important to them compared to the Top 5 issues.


The divide is quite remarkable.

It also tells us a lot about how Joe Biden is likely to govern.

You can expect him to continue to push strong measures against Covid that include mandatory masking, lockdowns and school closures (and even mandatory vaccinations if they cannot get the voluntary acceptance percentage that they want) since stopping the spread of Covid is the top concern among Democrats.

Biden will also continue to attack Trump and his supporters despite his calls for "unity". There will be more calls to censor conservative voices or speech that does not conform to the Democrat narrative on Covid, immigration, election fraud and other liberal hot button issues.

We will also hear a lot about the evils of the white race and systemic racism. There will also be continuing calls for gun control measures. 

This is what Democrat voters want to hear about. It is clear in the polling data. Joe Biden and the Democrats will not risk alienating their base by ignoring these views.

Winning messaging for Republicans is essentially the message Donald Trump delivered for four years.

Stopping illegal immigration. Supporting the police. Reducing taxes. Liberal bias in the media.

Trump may not be the one that voters expect to deliver that message over the next four years. However, any Republican candidate who wants to pick up the mantle of the Republican party would be well advised to stay on these messages.

In the meantime, if anyone thinks that there is going to be any type of unity in the near future, look again at the answers to these questions.

It has been said the men are from Mars and women are from Venus.

This polling data suggests that Republicans and Democrats are not just on different planets---they are in completely different universes!

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