Thursday, October 21, 2021

Now That I Think About It...

Campus Reform recently did video interviews at the University of Florida asking students if they were in favor of ethnic and race-based quotas in college admissions and hiring decisions by businesses.

View the video via this link if it does not play in your browser.

Almost all of the students stated they were strongly in favor of diversity and equity in making sure that all groups were represented in proportion to their representation in the community.

It is interesting to see how quickly the students agree to the narrative about diversity and quotas. It is almost as if they have been told this for the last 12-15 years in school.

They were then asked whether they believed that same principle should be applied to sports teams at the university.

For example, should the University of Florida field a football team based on quotas?

The students just as quickly stated that quotas made no sense in sports. Those that played should be those with the most skill and talent. Quotas made no sense. You needed to look at each individual's ability.

The students were then shown what the Florida offensive starting lineup would look like if it was based on the makeup of the overall student body at the university.

This is the starting offensive lineup for the Gators in 2021.

None of the students had a problem with the lack of diversity on the football team. They all stated it should be based on who is the best.

The students were then asked if they believed that to be the case for the football team and other sports teams, why would they want their school or workplace to be less than the best by making decisions on something other than skill, talent or ability?

It seemed to be an "AHA" moment for the students.

In the end, they agreed that quotas made no sense just to have "diversity."

How did they explain the change in their views?

They said this.


Isn't that the core issue underlying a lot of the problems we have today?

Not enough people are really "thinking about it".

Not enough are applying any kind of critical thinking skills.

Even worse, we are living in a world today where we are often being told not to question anything.

People are discouraged from thinking for themselves or challenging the prevailing narrative.

We are being told what to think and any thinking to the contrary is not allowed.

The "science is settled".

"We have to trust the experts."

"Our problems will be solved if we just ____________ (fill in the blank of any liberal progressive wish).

I came across an interesting example of that this week when I saw the news that Washington State football coach Nick Rolovich had been fired for refusing to take the Covid vaccine as he was deemed to be non-compliant with both university and state policies.

Rolovich was the highest-employee in the state of Washington making an annual salary of $3.2 million per year. He was in the second year of a 5-year, $15.6 million contract meaning he is giving up $10 million for his principles.

That is an awful lot of money.

I have a lot of respect for anyone who is willing to put their principles that high above money.

Rolovich clearly did not make this decision lightly and without a lot of thought (and most likely) prayer.

Rolovich is 42 years old and appears to be in excellent physical shape.

I imagine he has done his research on his mortality risk from Covid which the latest CDC data shows is .0004276 for the age group 35-44 over the last 20 months.


Despite that, I saw someone react to this news on social media with this snarky comment.

"I guess he will now have plenty of time to do his "own research".

Someone gives up $10 million and this person suggests that there is something wrong about thinking for themselves?

Do you know hard it is to think for yourself rather than succumb to group think?

Have you ever seen this photograph from 1936?


Who was REALLY THINKING about what they were doing in 1936 Germany?

It made me wonder what would occur if someone came along and offered $3.2 million in cash now and another $9 million over the next three years for anyone that agreed TO NOT TAKE THE VACCINE?

"Now that I think about it..."

We might actually see some real critical thinking if it was put in those terms.

How long would the line be to sign up for that money?

Why should it require that?

Thinking for yourself is free.

However, there are way too many today that want those who are "thinking" for themselves to pay extraordinary costs for doing so.

Think about it.

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