Saturday, January 15, 2011

BeeLine At 2 Weeks

One of the interesting features of social media is the immediate feedback that is available.  For centuries people wrote and were never quite sure if anyone cared.  That is no longer the case in the world we live in today on the web.

In the case of this blog, the blogger software provides me stats on a number of elements.  The number of reader views, comments, the nation that the reader comes from, the type of operating system and the type of browser.  It is still anonmymous.  I don't know who is lurking out there but I do get this information.

Here are a few stats for the first 2 weeks of BeeLine.

  • 649 views through the first 14 days (average of 46 per day). 
  • There have been readers from Singapore, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, South Korea, Norway and Russia.  The last four must have gotten here by mistake.  Only 1 view for each country.  However, Singapore, United Kingdom and Canada all have at least 6 views.  These are either repeat BeeLiners or referrals. Either way is good news.
  • 51% are accessing on Windows, 29% on a Mac, 10% on iPads and 3% on iPhones.
  • Firefox is the leading browser at 36%, Explorer at 33% and Safari at 23%.
It has been more work than I originally thought it would take.  The story ideas come fairly easily but to really do justice to the topic takes more background research than I thought.  Providing you the links to follow the story in more depth is also more time consuming than I assumed.

The other good news is that I have already gotten 2 topic suggestions from readers based on BeeLine material that they came across themselves.  That really shows the power of the social network and the potenial for BeeLine long term.  I will try to feed these suggestions into BeeLine at some point.

We will revisit where things stand with BeeLine at the end of the month.  Please feel free to refer and recommend BeeLine to anyone you think might be interested.  Is this going to go viral or be another vapid blog effort that dies on the vine?  I will try to do my part to try to keep it interesting.  The rest is up to you.