Monday, January 3, 2011

Swapping Spouses- 2011 and 1973

I saw this story about Shania Twain getting married yesterday.  An interesting pairing in that she just married the former husband of her best friend and confidante, Marie Ann Thiebaud.   The relationship formed as Twain and Frederic Thiebaud, her new spouse,  sought solace with each other after Shania's former husband of 14 years, Robert "Mutt" Lange, moved in with Marie Ann in 2008. Turnabout is indeed fair play here!  Best wishes to Shania!

This story reminded me of what I still think is the greatest wife swap story I can remember.  In 1973, two young New York Yankee pitchers (and their wives) decided to swap wives, houses and children.  Fritz Peterson (Marilyn) and Mike Kekich (Susanne) were close friends and did a lot together socially.  The two couples and came to what was described as a group decision by all four.  Fritz moved in with Susanne and Mike moved in with Marilyn.  After spending a lot of time together they decided that the new couples were better suited to each other than their original partners.

I lost track of the story and had not checked to see how things had worked out for the couples until now. The Wanna Be Sports Guy provides this update from 2009.  Fritz and Susanne were still together at that time and had 4 children together.  Mike and Marilyn were not so lucky.  They flamed out after several months.

This is one of the reasons that I hardly ever read fiction.  Non-fiction stories are almost always much more interesting.

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