Wednesday, March 2, 2011

BeeLine at Two Months

BeeLine is two months old.  

A few stats...
  • 27 posts for the month (37 in the first month.  I told you that I could not keep up that pace)
  • 769 page views (an average of 27 per day which is down from last month's average of 35-ouch!)
  • The two posts with the most views during the month were "Social Security-What Would FDR Say?" and "The United States of Redistribution"
  • Page views from 10 different countries (UK had 24 views which was the largest behind the U.S.  Picked up views this month from Finland and New Zealand)
  • Still no evidence that BeeLine has been noted or quoted in the blogosphere to this point. ( Destined for oblivion?)?
The biggest viewer days have come when some of you have linked posts to your Facebook friends.  Feel free to do so if you find something worth sharing.  I am exploring establishing a BeeLine Facebook page but have not put it together yet.

Some interesting Facebook trivia compliments of Online Schools.

  • 72% of those with internet access in the United States have a Facebook profile
  • Among 18-34 year olds, 48% check Facebook right when they wake up.  28% check Facebook before they get out of bed.
  • 750 million photos were unloaded to Facebook on New Year's weekend alone.
  • Every 20 minutes, 10 million comments are made.
  • 48% of young Americans said they find out about news through Facebook.
  • 70% of the Facebook user base resides outside the U.S.
If you want to see an interesting graphic of Facebook's reach check this out.  It was created by an intern at Facebook by the name of Paul Butler which I found at  This is a map that shows the friend connections between people on Facebook.  The more connections between two places, the more lines and the lighter the color on the map.  Fewer connections, fewer lines, darker color.

A little over seven years ago none of this existed.  Truly incredible!

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