Saturday, March 12, 2011

Where Americans Are Moving

I came across this super-cool map tool today on  10 million Americans moved from one place to another in 2008.  This map visually shows these moves.  You can click on any county to see move inward and outward migration.  Black lines show inward moves.  Red lines show people moving away.  You get a good sense of what is happening to the migration of population in the country and the most common migration patterns.

A couple observations from looking at a few maps:

  • Is there anyone left in Detroit?  The only people moving in appear to be from the Tidewater area of Virginia.
  • Los Angeles has seen a mass exodus to Northern California, Oregon, Washington, Utah and Texas.  Atlanta and North Carolina are also getting Angelinos.
  • Miami is still attracting a lot of people from the New York metro area.  However, a lot of Miamians have headed to Atlanta, Texas and the DC area.
  • Washington, DC is getting a lot of inflows from the Northeast and Midwest.  Not a lot from the rest of the country.
  • My home in Cincinnati is seeing moves to all parts of Florida, DC, NY and points West.  People moving to Cincinnati are most prominently from Northeast Ohio.  I guess Cincinnati bests Cleveland yet again!
Check it out.

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  1. I think all those people fleeing Detroit are flocking to GreatAmericanville!