Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Enemy Within

The horrific terrorist killings in San Bernardino, California should be sobering for all Americans.

The killing is hard enough to comprehend but it becomes incomprehensible when you consider the shootings were carried out by a young man who:

  • Was a U.S. citizen born in the United States
  • Had an undergraduate college degree
  • Had a good paying government job 
  • Had a Lexus in his garage (until he had to move it out to the street to make room for his bomb making supplies.)

Isn't this what used to be called the "American Dream" for a first generation American?

It is even harder to fathom when you consider that this man (and his wife) abandoned their six-month daughter to commit this calculated carnage.

Why do we keep hearing this is an economic problem?

Or a climate problem?

This is what Socialist  Democratic Presidential Bernie Sanders said the day after the Paris attacks when he was asked if he still believed that the greatest threat to national security was climate change.

"Absolutely. In fact, climate change is directly related to the growth of terrorism."

Or a 2nd Amendment problem?

This is a problem within Islam.

This is a problem deep within some Muslim mosques.

It has also become America's problem because of the free and open society we have created and cherished from our founding.

Marcus Tullius Cicero said this about Rome (circa 100 B.C).

Our prosperity and luxury are an attraction for people around the world.

However, it is folly to pretend that our culture and values are shared and appreciated from all those who seek renumeration or refuge within our borders

And when our leaders criminally ignore our immigration laws we make matters much, much worse.

We do have much to contend with. 

We cannot reform Radical Islam. However, it is time to end our own folly in not recognizing the failures that have brought us to this point.

As I have said before, history may not repeat but its does rhyme.

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