Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Best of BeeLine-2015

When you publish over 70 blog posts in a year, some are going to be more popular than others with readers, some are going to be remembered more fondly by the author and some should undoubtedly have never been written in the first place.

Here is a Top 10 List for the Best of BeeLine for 2015. The first 5 were the most popular posts I wrote during the year based on the number of views. The second 5 are those posts that I most enjoyed writing.

If you missed reading these "favorites" the first time around, here's another opportunity to get to "the shortest route to what you need to know" to start 2016 off right.

January 1, 2016 marks the fifth anniversary of BeeLine. In those five years I have written 601 blog posts that have garnered almost 150,000 page views.  All of this from an initial email to about 15 friends. The rest has been done by word of mouth.

If you enjoy BeeLine, please pass a recommendation on to your friends and family. I enjoy writing it but it is a lot easier to sit down, research and write when I know 300 are reading it than 100.

If you want to make sure you don't miss a post, consider putting yourself on the BeeLine email list. You will receive an email the first thing in the morning when I post a new piece. You can sign up in the upper right hand corner on this page. You will receive a follow-up email (from FeedBurner) that you will need to confirm to begin delivery.

Thank you to all my loyal BeeLine readers and Happy New Year to all of you!

The Best of BeeLine-2015

Most Views

Fog. Dog. Cog.

How the U.S. Congress illegally and unlawfully retroactively exempted itself from Obamacare after they wrote and passed into law.

A Cautionary Tale

Greece and Puerto Rico are both nearing bankruptcy but the United States actually has more debt per capita than either one. A cautionary tale, indeed.

No One is Liberal When It's Their Life 

France is governed by liberal socialist progressives. They traditionally have called for open borders and have been reluctant to support defense and military spending. That is no longer the case in the wake of the recent Paris massacre by Muslim radicals. It just proves there are no liberals when it is your life on the line.

Large and Long Chunks Required

How do you know if someone is really smart? The half of one percent of the human race- the very smartest- who have the ability to create real wealth through productivity enhancements that improve livings standards and our way of life. Find out how and why it is important.

Heart and Mind

My take on the GOP Presidential race as of December 1, 2016 and my two favorites for the nomination. My mind favors one candidate. My heart favors another. My heart wins because of the mind one candidate possesses.

My Personal Favorites 

A Retrograde Force

Winston Churchill once said that in Islam "no stronger retrograde force exists in the world." You will see what he means when you look at photos of how life has changed in Iran, Pakistan and Egypt compared to what it was a few decades back. You will see what a retrograde force it really is.

Tattoos Trending Down

Tattoos have become very prevalent over the last 20 years or so.  Find out why I think tattoos will soon start trending down.

Hope for Non-Hotties

How can a non-hottie end up with a hottie? There is a formula you need to be familiar with.

10 Observations About Hillary and Bill's 1040

There is a lot that you can discern about a person's financial life by their tax return. See what I learned after reviewing Hillary and Bill's 2014 federal tax return.

People, Power and Prohibition

What lessons can we learn from the enactment (and later repeal) of the Constitutional Amendment on Prohibition?

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