Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Martian

It is not easy to come in fourth in a three-man race.

However, John Kasich accomplished that feat last night.

Here are the voting totals for the Arizona GOP primary.


Marco Rubio who suspended his campaign a week ago, received 17,500 more votes than John "The Martian" Kasich!

How is that possible?

Only through the misguided idea of early voting.

Arizona allows early voting beginning as much as a month before the election. That probably explains why Jeb Bush also got over 4,000 votes and he suspended his campaign on February 20th!

Voting early in an election with as much volatility as a primary election for President makes absolutely no sense. For those that voted for Rubio, Bush, Carson, Paul  and others it was like taking their vote and throwing it in a trash can rather than the ballot box.

Back to the "The Martian".

What is it with John Kasich?

He is staying in the race although he has no chance of winning the nomination other than by a vote of the party bosses. He is either living on another planet or someone is paying him to stay in to create chaos. (Trump? George Soros? The Clintons?)

As I have written before, there is something that is not right about all of this. A candidate who has only won one primary and 143 delegates when 31 state primaries have been held should not be able to continue to compete. The money is simply not there to do it. Donors do not contribute to losers. Something is amiss.

Kasich recently compared his Presidential bid to the stranded astronaut (played by Matt Damon) on Mars who is working to get back to Earth in the movie, "The Martian." The astronaut is ultimately saved by his resourcefulness, resolve and optimism, the dedication of NASA and the bravery of the rescue crew sent to extract him.

As reported by the Washington Examiner. this is what Kasich told a gathering in Utah last week when he arrived late due to airplane issues enroute to the event.

"On the way over here, on the airplane, I want you to know, I got a chance to watch 'The Martian.' It was a really cool movie. OK? Yeah it was really cool," Kasich said. "'The Martian,' they caught that guy in space just like the voters in the Republican Party are going to catch me and allow me to be the nominee and be elected president of the United States."

He really does appear to be living in another world.

These were the results in Utah last night.

It appears that the people of Utah left him circling out in space.


However, to his credit, Kasich did garner more votes in Utah than Donald Trump did.

Trump campaigned in Utah by saying that Mormons don't like liars.

In a tweet Friday afternoon, en route to a rally, Trump found time to hit the Texas senator, whom he has taken to calling “Lyin’ Ted.”
 “Going to Salt Lake City, Utah, for a big rally. Lyin’ Ted Cruz should not be allowed to win there — Mormons don’t like LIARS! I beat Hillary,” Trump tweeted.

Trump must have thought he was getting a good jab in on Cruz. I guess he really hoisted himself on his own petard considering his dismal showing in the "Beehive" state. (You didn't think that BeeLine would pass up a chance to get that nickname in did you?)

Despite all of Trump's histrionics about "Lyin Ted", it is Donald that has the biggest problem with the electorate on the issue of his honesty and trustworthiness.

A Fox News poll released tonight has some interesting perspectives on the Presidential race going forward, especially on the question of honesty and trustworthiness.

For example, 65% of all voters do not believe that Trump is honest and trustworthy. That is an astounding number for a Presidential candidate.

However, 64% of all voters said the same thing about Hillary.

Forget about "Lyin Ted". We are going to have the "Lyin Election" if we end up with "Dishonest Donald" and "Hokum Hillary" in November based on how the voters view these candidates right now.

Looking deeper at the numbers in the Fox poll shows that Trump may have a bigger problem with voters on the issue than Hillary even though only 1% separates them on their honesty scores.

Although 64% of all voters think Hillary is less than honest, only 30% of Democrats see her as someone they would not trust. 69% of Democrats actually view her as honest and trustworthy.

On the other hand, Trump only has 56% of Republicans seeing him as honest and trustworthy with 42% not willing to trust him.

The overall results of that poll also show that the GOP race has tightened considerably looking at national poll numbers.

Trump leads at 41% but Cruz is now at 38% with Kasich at 17%

Of course, national polls are somewhat irrelevant right now as 31 states have already selected delegates. All that matters are the next 19.

However, the troubling fact remaining for the GOP is that the leading contender for the nomination, Trump, has not once received at least 50% of the votes in any of those 31 state primaries.

This remains the best argument for denying Donald Trump the Republican nomination for President. Even if he goes to Cleveland with the most delegates.

That is why it is time for "The Martian" to leave his fantasy world to allow the only legitimate contenders for the nomination to go head-to-head and see who can command a majority of the voters at the ballot box.

If Trump beats Cruz one-on-one from here on out, he deserves the nomination. If Trump cannot beat Cruz head-to-head, he is not the right candidate to represent the Republican party in November.

The only person that is preventing this from occurring is "The Martian".

Anything less leads to an illegitimate result which only benefits "Hellacious Hillary*" in the end.

*My top suggestion to Donald Trump right now at to how he should describe Hillary building on his "Low Energy Jeb", "Lyin Ted", "Little Marco" and "Crazy Megyn" monikers. If you are going this route, you might as well go all in!

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