Thursday, December 31, 2020

The Best of BeeLine-2020

Here is a Top 10 List for the Best of BeeLine for 2020. The first five are the most popular posts I wrote during the year based on the number of views. The second five are a few of my personal favorites out of the 153 blog posts I wrote during the year. 

If you missed reading these "Best of BeeLine" posts the first time around, here's another opportunity to get to "the shortest route to what you need to know" to start 2021 off right. You might also consider forwarding this post to several friends who might appreciate a blog that tries to put some of the complicated issues of the day in context.

There were plenty of those in abundance in 2020 and blog posts about Covid and the election clearly were the most popular topics I wrote about.

Total readership grew by over 35% during the year. This is on top of 25%+ growth last year and over 50% growth in readership in 2018. All of that growth is organic. I don't actively promote or advertise this blog. New readers almost always come from one of you passing it along to someone else.

If you enjoy BeeLine, please pass a recommendation on to your friends and family. I enjoy writing it but it is a lot easier to sit down, research and write when I know more are reading what I write.

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Thank you to all my loyal BeeLine readers and a Happy New Year to each one of you!

The Best of BeeLine-2020

Most Views

Follow the Numbers, Not the Narrative     11/10/20

Written a week after the election in which I outlined how much the numbers and data coming out after the election didn't make sense looking at past elections and trends.

I also made a point then that has proved to be very accurate as time has passed and even more questions have been raised about the integrity of the election results.

Trump may not prevail in all of this. It is very much an uphill battle once the votes have been counted. It is going to require that votes that have already been counted will have to thrown out.

No one is going to want to make a ruling to invalidate votes be it election officials, state legislators or the courts.

However, just because it is hard does not mean it should not be done. After all, we are talking about the foundational element in our representative republic. If we cannot trust the integrity of the vote we don't have a country.

Turns Ahead    3/10/20

Written in the early stages of the pandemic before any lockdowns had been put in place. However, I predicted then that it was not far-fetched to predict the NCAA basketball tournament, the Masters and major league baseball season disrupted. It seemed crazy at the time but it proved to be exactly where we were headed. If anyone doubted it before, we were clearly in The Fourth Turning.

Bad Data Begets Bad Decisions    8/20/20

Covid is bad. However, what is even worse is the bad data that has been used to drive much of the policy decisions about Covid. It should be no surprise this had led to a lot of bad decisions.

Ending Institutional Racism    6/7/20

There is a lot of talk on the need to end institutional racism these days. However, who controls all the major institutions in the United States? Local government in big cities. The police departments in urban areas. Federal government bureaucracy. Public schools. Colleges and universities. Labor unions. Media. Interestingly, they are all controlled by Democrats and have been for decades.

Fear and Facts    8/18/20

One of the most interesting facets of the Covid-19 pandemic is the incredible divide between what people think and the actual facts of our current reality. It is a textbook case of the power of the media and of propaganda in shaping people's emotions, attitudes and beliefs.

Five of my Favorites

 It's Not Over Until One Side Accepts Their Fate    9/6/20

Anyone who thinks we are going to be living in peace after January 20 needs to read what I wrote last September. The election did not solve anything. It will likely bring us even more unrest than before. If election fraud is responsible for where we are it is an even bigger nightmare than we can even imagine.

Models and Reality    3/29/20

The blog post where I first started questioning what we were being told by the "experts" about our necessary response to Covid. Reality was not matching the models. It proved to be the beginning of a very slippery slope that we are still on.

Paradise Lost     8/16/20

At that time I wrote this "blue" Hawaii had had the strongest lockdown and mask requirement of any state for several months. It was also an isolated island that could control everyone entering the state. Despite that, Hawaii was experiencing the largest increase in cases in the country. It is very similar to what is occurring in California right now. At some point does anyone begin to think that we are following the wrong public health policies?

Middle Class Joe    1/28/20

No one can say that I did not warn people about Joe. Note the date. Pre-Covid and well before the South Carolina Democrat primary. 80 million (?) should have read this before they voted.

What Is It With Millennial Women?   7/2/20

Trying to make sense of why so many of the Black Lives Matter protestors are young, white Millennial women. 

Here's looking forward to a better 2021 and giving 2020 the hindsight it richly deserves.

Thank you for following BeeLine!

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