Monday, September 11, 2023

This and That---September 11, 2023 Edition

A few random observations, charts and factoids to provide some context on what is going on in the world.

Most Regretted College Majors

Is this a possible reason the media leans so far left?

They are angry about their career and the freedom they had in this country to make their own choice?

If you doubt this observation consider the political contributions of those working in newspapers and print media. They are almost exclusively donors to liberal candidates and tilted to the most extreme left-wing ideological views.

Political contributions based on liberal/conservative ideology of candidates

You Cannot Blame Elon Musk for Inflation

 Despite the efforts of Elon Musk the Chief Economist of Cox Automotive suggests that 50% of Americans are now priced out of the car market due to a combination of higher prices of new and used vehicles and rising interest rates. 

I don't think this ends well.

Crude Oil Supplies Getting Very Tight

Elon Musk might want to rethink his Tesla price cuts considering what we are seeing with crude oil inventories.

The United States is facing its lowest crude oil inventories in 38 years.


Tight supplies usually mean higher prices are on the horizon.

Joe Biden spect most of the last two years raiding the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to put more crude oil supply inventories in the market.

The SPR is at the lowest levels of supply since 1982.


You may remember that Donald Trump wanted to fill the SPR to the brim during the early days of Covid when oil prices had collapsed. Trump proposed buying oil when prices were around $20/barrel but his plan was blocked by the Democrats in Congress who would not fund the proposal.


Now with oil prices around $90/barrel Joe Biden is running out of options to keep a lid on oil and gasoline prices.


Biden's only hope now to lower the price may be a recession that would curb the demand for oil.

Bidenomics at work!

I Graduated From Harvard With a 3.8 GPA

Congratulations for being smack dab in the middle of your class.

Tattoo Predictor

This is about what I expected.

However, 46% of those in the 30-49 age group having a tattoo is a little higher than I would have guessed.


OnlyFans is a website that represents the seamier side of social media.

It is a platform that allows "creators" to post content that subscribers pay to view. Musicians and physical fitness experts use it but it has become most popular with models and adult entertainers who are using it in a manner in which The New York Times has called "the paywall of porn".

What caught my eye recently had nothing to do with the content. I was much more interested to see the financial side of this business.

If anyone has any doubt whether sex sells take a look at this summary of the financial results of Fenix International Ltd. which operates OnlyFans.

3.2 million creators (+47% in last year).

239 million subscribers paying for the content (+27% in last year).

Fenix and OnlyFans are owned by Leonid Radvinsky.

That $338 million dividend paid in 2022 would have given him $1.3 million for every working day  during the year.

Not bad work if you can find it.


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