Monday, February 14, 2011

In Touch With Reality???

BeeLine has spent a lot of time over the last 6 weeks outlining the fiscal challenges our country is facing.  If you look at this polling data from the Pew Research Center it appears that a lot more people need to be reading BeeLine.

This is a graph showing the percentage that favor decreasing federal government spending by category compared to those who want spending increased or stay the same.  There is not one category that the public supports cutting!  The graphs below are compliments of Hot Air.

What about so-called Tea Party Republicans?  They are more willing to cut than other groups. However, only 29% of this group is in favor of cutting Social Security.  18% actually want to increase spending on this program.  41% of all Americans actually want to increase spending on Social Security despite the fact that we will run a deficit of $1.5 trillion this year.

You might say that a substantial percentage of Americans are not in touch with reality when you look at these poll results.  However, a closer look at the numbers indicates that more are starting to come to grips with the situation. Across the board, those that indicate they are willing to cut spending is up compared to polling by Pew in 2009.  The number who favor increasing spending is also down.  For example, those who want increased spending on health care is down 20 percentage points and unemployment assistance is down 17 points from the 2009 poll.

I am an optimist that people will support doing the right thing when they have the facts and information. Nobody wants to cut someone's Medicare or Social Security or decrease our military preparedness or anti-terrorism defenses.  A natural human reaction to change is denial.  However, we are reaching the point that very tough choices lie ahead or we risk losing much more in the long run if we do not act soon.

Everyone has to do their part.  Do your part by making sure that people have the facts.  If BeeLine can help you do that, pass it along.  After all, it is the shortest route to what you (and everyone else) need to know.

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