Monday, February 14, 2011

Three Things I Learned Last Week

  • There are 72 million dogs and 82 million cats in the United States.
    • 37% of households have a dog but only 32% have a cat.
  • Only 14% of 23 year old men have a college degree.  23% of women of the same age have their degree.  This might be due to this additional stat...
    • % of college freshmen who played video/computer games during an average week in their senior year in high school
        • Men 82%    Women 37%
  • Germans are the largest ancestry group in the U.S. with 51 million.  Irish are next with 37 million.
    • The population of Ireland is approximately 4.5 million today.  How could the 37 million ever have fit into Ireland?   Germany's population is 82 million. 
All of this data is from a blog, Demo Memo, which is a great source of demographic data that is authored by Cheryl Russell.

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