Monday, February 21, 2011

Polling On Wisconsin Union Dispute

Rasmussen conducted a poll of likely U.S. voters over the weekend.  The results are not good for the unions.

Summary of the key findings via Hot Air:

  • 48% agree with Governor Walker vs. 38% for the unions.
  • 49% do not agree that public employees should be allowed to strike vs. 38%.
  • 68% of Republicans agree with Walker vs. 26% for Democrats.  No surprise here.
  • 56% of independents agree with Walker vs. 31% for unions.  That is a significant difference.
  • The real telling number is this one...
    • 44% of government employees agree with Walker vs. 46% with the unions!
You don't need to know much more than this.  If Unions are down 25 points on this issue among Independents and they are only up 2 points with government employees THEY ARE IN TROUBLE.

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