Wednesday, March 2, 2011

IPad Blog

My first blog post using an iPad. It is truly amazing what Apple has done with this device. Look at my post of January 19, 2011 (The Mall,Main Street and Wall Street) for a little history about Apple and its stock. I would link you but I have not figured out how to do that.

Today's big news was the announcement of the iPad2 and the appearance of Steve Jobs in doing the honors. Jobs has been reportedly ill so it was good to see him on stage.

Just when competitors are bringing other tablets to market, Apple is taking this product category to another level. I would not like to compete with Apple. However,I do like Blackberry's tablet's name--Playbook.

Apple sold almost 15 million iPads in the first year which brought in $10 billion in revenues. Just think what they could do if the economy was better!

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  1. Bear! You are going to love the ipad! I LOVE mine, and have since the FEDEX guy delivered it to my impatiently waiting hands.
    Keep up BeeLine....I know it is a tremendous amount of work, and I appreciate that as much as the content you provide!