Sunday, December 12, 2021

If The Vaccines Work, What Is Going On?

61% of the total population of the United States is fully vaccinated against Covid according to the latest data from The New York Times.

Seven states have reached full vaccination rates of at least 70% of their entire populations (every man, woman and child).

Vermont                    75%

Rhode Island            75%

Maine                        74%

Connecticut              73%

Massachusetts          73%

West Virginia            71%

New York                  70%

Nine states are at 50% full vaccinated rates or less.

Tennessee                   50%

Arkansas                     50%

Georgia                       50%

North Dakota             50%

Louisiana                   49%

Mississippi                 48%

Alabama                     47%

Wyoming                   46%

Idaho                          46%

How well are the vaccines doing in preventing confirmed cases of Covid right now?

The high vaccination states are averaging 66 cases/day.

The low vaccination states are averaging 22 cases/day.

Cases per capita in the low vaccination states are one-third the level that they are in the high vaccination states.

How is that possible with vaccines that we have been told are supposed to be some of the most effective vaccines ever produced against any disease?

You could look at the states above and make an argument that the seasonality of the virus is working against all of the highly vaccinated states in that they are all in cold weather climes. That is clearly a large factor in case transmission right now.

However, how is it that a "stunningly effective" vaccine is not effective when it matters most---when the virus is circulating most easily?

In addition, North Dakota, Wyoming and Idaho are also in cold weather climes.

The case rates in these states right now are all lower than any of the highly vaccinated states.

North Dakota per capita cases are 40% lower than Rhode Island.

Wyoming is 43% lower than Vermont.

Idaho is 68% lower than Maine.

Yes, but we hear over and over that nobody ever said that the vaccine would prevent anyone from getting Covid. It was only supposed to prevent serious disease.

However, as I have pointed out previously, when the FDA authorized the Pfizer, Moderna and J&J vaccines in December of last year there was no limiting language. 

These vaccines received their emergency use authorization because they were supposed to PREVENT disease. Nothing was stated in the authorization about only preventing severe disease or hospitalizations.


Many argue that the vaccine effectiveness should not be measured by the number of cases but the number of hospitalizations.

The vaccines look better on this measure but right now the high vaccination states are still averaging 22 hospitalizations/100,000 per day and the low vaccination states are averaging 16.

However, are we even talking about a vaccine if it does not work to prevent disease and transmission?

If it fails to do that it sounds more like a therapeutic or treatment than a vaccine to me.

Do we give children the measles, mumps or chicken pox vaccine just to keep them from being hospitalized?

Did my parents expect me to get small pox or polio after I took those vaccines as a child? Of course not.

Look at what is happening in Northern Europe right now.

Netherlands, Denmark, Norway and Germany have all recently reached higher levels of Covid cases than they have had since the pandemic began.

They also have full vaccination rates much higher than the United States.

This is evidence of effective vaccines?

Even the "experts" have now conceded that there is a fairly rapid decrease in Covid vaccine efficacy such that after 6-8 months there may be minimal protection to Covid from the initial doses.

That is why there has been such a big push for boosters in many countries around the world.

In the United States about 16% of the population has received boosters.

The United Kingdom has doubled that---33% of the population have received boosters.

In Ireland, 22% have been boosted.

How are these countries doing in controlling the virus?

Not very well.

Seeing this makes me wonder if the boosters are somehow initially suppressing natural immunity to the virus in the first few weeks after the jab.

We saw the same thing occur in a number of counties when the vaccines were first introduced and cases spiked right after people started getting their shots. 

The most prominent of these was Vietnam which was almost untouched by Covid for well over a year until that nation started vaccinating.

Is this one of the reasons that the CDC and FDA does not consider anyone to be "vaccinated" or "boosted" until two weeks after the jabs?

Could this mean that we are really worsening the situation by administering boosters in areas of the world where the seasonality pressure from the virus is at its highest?

Does this suggest that if you get the vaccine or booster in an area with high transmission you should be extraordinarily careful for several weeks after?

Look at how booster doses have predominated in Rhode Island (tied with Vermont for most vaccinated state) since the end of September. 


Now look at cases in Rhode Island.

Cases started spiking dramatically toward the end of October just as vaccine boosters were being given in large numbers.

New Cases in Rhode Island
Source: The New York Times

Is that a coincidence? Is it due to seasonality? Is it due to the waning efficacy of the original vaccine doses? Is the booster somehow interfering with natural immunity?

I could also not help but notice this report over the weekend from Cornell University which instituted a vaccine mandate last August and reports that 97% of all students, faculty and staff are vaccinated.

On Saturday Cornell reported almost 300 new cases of Covid among students in the last two days. They reported another 150 cases on campus the previous three days.


wrote about a surge in cases that Cornell was seeing in early September right after those vaccinated students returned to campus. Cornell had 180 cases in the first week of September---3 times what they had in 2020. They now have had 450 cases in less than a week.

All. in-person student gatherings, formal or informal, have been cancelled. Final exams will continue but students have been told to leave campus as soon as exams are completed.

It makes me wonder how many students are listening to Dr. Fauci and getting boosters?

Last week, Pfizer's CEO stated that he believes that a fourth Covid vaccine dose may soon be necessary because of the Omicron variant.


A top Israeli health official indicated last week that seven booster shots or more may be what is called for.

Dr. Fauci is also weighing in so you know where this is headed.

Vaccines appear to have a particular benefit in protecting vulnerable populations from severe Covid.

However, their value has been vastly oversold.

And the potential negative effects have been vastly underreported and therefore under appreciated by the population at large.

This has resulted in few people properly assessing the risk/benefit calculation regarding the use of the vaccines in a mass vaccination campaign.

It is beyond me how any objective observer can look at the data and conclude that we need to mandate more vaccinations, extend the vaccines to younger and younger children and keep pushing boosters without asking why this has not worked out anywhere CLOSE to what we were told it would?

If the vaccines work, what is going on?

I asked that question three months ago in two consecutive blog posts here and here.

What is going on?

It may be late in the game to figure that out because we shut off all debate and dissenting views a long time ago.

I hope and pray that does not prove to be our undoing in the end.

It is now even later in the game.

And the only answer is do more of something that has resulted in more cases and deaths in 2021 than in 2020?

Fauci says we "just have to deal with it".

I just want to know if THEY KNOW what they are doing.


  1. Excellent analysis as usual. Are you familiar with the work of Geert Vanden Bosche? If not, might be interesting to analyze his predictions vs. Fauci’s.

    1. I have followed the work of Vanden Bossche since he warned about the danger of mass vaccination in the middle of a pandemic early this year. I wrote a blog post about his theories earlier which is cited in the last link in the blog post above. His predictions match the data better than anything else I have found. If he is right, Fauci and friends have committed the greatest error in human history.