Thursday, December 23, 2021

The Omicron Rocket

I have found it interesting that some of the Covid variants share names with rockets.

ALPHA rocket launch

Delta Rocket

Gamma Rocket

Omicron would also seem to be a good name if anyone is in the "rocket naming" business. A quick Google search indicates that name has not been claimed for a rocket yet.

However, that name would seem very appropriate for a rocket in seeing how the cases of Omicron are rising like a rocket in various parts of the United States right now.

I pointed out in my last blog post that New York was sure to hit a new 7-day average all-time high in new Covid cases in the next day or so. 

They have attained that dubious record.

The 7-day average is now 19,420 cases/day. That is 17% higher than the previous high on January 12, 2021.

The surge over the last ten days looks like a rocket launch in New York.

7-Day Average of New Cases in New York State
Source: The New York Times

It should be no surprise that New York City is driving part of this surge considering its population. However, New York City has some of the strictest vaccine passport and mandate rules in the country, not to mention mask usage.

Cases are 60% higher than the previous peak in January. 

Cases are up +342% in the last two weeks.

How is this happening?

7-Day Average of New Cases in New York City
Source: The New York Times

In upstate New York, Cornell University had over 2,000 new Covid cases among its 97% vaccinated student body in just two weeks.

One of the big reasons that cases declined was the students were sent home after completing final exams on December 17.

Cases have also soared in New Jersey. It is also at an all-time high.

7-Day Average of New Cases in New Jersey
Source: The New York Times

The surge in cases in Washington, D.C. is so steep, if this was a rocket ship, the G-forces to the crew would be unbearable. 

This looks to be a straight vertical ascent. It is also unbearable to look at this after all that we have been told about the effectiveness of the vaccines, masks, etc.

Cases are 3x greater than they have been at any time since the beginning of the pandemic!

7-Day Average of New Cases in Washington, D.C.
Source; The New York Times

This graph shows you how Washington, D.C. compares to the rest of the United States right now and over the course of the pandemic.

Source: The New York Time

It was a few months ago that I heard that Trump voters were the reason that we were not able to put an end to the pandemic. They wouldn't wear masks and were not getting vaccinated as quickly as they should.

What percentage of votes did Donald Trump receive in the last election in Washington, D.C?

Trump got a grand total of 5% of the total vote in D.C. when he opposed Joe Biden.

Is the rise in cases now the fault of Biden voters? 

Every location cited above also has among the highest vaccinated rates in the nation as well as strong masking requirements.

Nantucket, MA had the highest case rate increase of any county in the United States earlier this week.

Cases were up 1,414% in the 14 days ending 12/20 despite 94% of every man, woman and child being vaccinated on Nantucket according to The New York Times.

You can see the meteoric rise in Omicron cases across the nation in this CDC chart that shows the variants in circulation. Omicron went from less than 1% of all Covid cases to 73% in two weeks! Omicron went from 12% to 73% in one week!

Delta is represented by the gold bars. Omicron by the purple.


The rocket ship rise in cases is not confined to the 50 states.

Look at what is happening in Puerto Rico.

84% of everyone age 12+ is fully vaccinated in Puerto Rico.

7-day Average of New Cases in Puerto Rico
Source: The New York Times

What is interesting about Puerto Rico is this surge is occurring in a warmer climate.

These other surges are in colder climes.

Puerto Rico already had a summer surge at the same time as the Sun Belt states did. This is not a cold season seasonal surge. It is something else. What is going on?

This makes me wonder what we are going to see in Florida over the next several weeks

It appears to be in the early stages of an ascent. 

7-day Average of New Cases in Florida
Source: The New York Times

Let's call it a first stage. Are a second and third stage coming that will make this another Omicron rocket ship vertical ascent?

It looks like it might be shaping up that way especially considering what we have already seen in Puerto Rico.

How can anyone look at all of data above and make the case that the vaccines are in any way even marginally protective?

How can anyone look at this data and and say we need to keep doing more of something that is not delivering anywhere close to what was promised at the beginning?

Right now we are like a gambler who insists on doubling down on his bets and keeps on losing and losing.

In looking at the data, I am concerned that the boosters may actually be feeding the pandemic in that we are seeing many of these rocket ship ascents in areas with high vaccine rates and booster uptakes.

In looking at the data from when the vaccines were first introduced, there seems to be a trend where the vaccines may actually make you more susceptible to the virus in the first several weeks after the jab. Your natural immune response is suppressed while waiting for the vaccine antibodies to be produced.

If you think this is crazy, look at another Omicron Rocket in the U.K.

Cases are now 46% higher than previous peak in January.

Cases are up 83% in just the last two weeks.

Now look at this tweet from UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson from yesterday.

It is astonishing.

Is it a coincidence?

The CDC has never acknowledged that vaccines may initially suppress your natural immunity but remember the CDC does not consider anyone to be vaccinated (or fully vaccinated) until two weeks after the shot. This definition was not arrived at by chance.


My guess is that they saw the numbers and did not want the two-week period when natural immunity might be suppressed to be counted and used against the vaccine narrative.

You might want to consider this information and decide for yourself whether it is good idea to get jabbed at a time when cases are rising and the virus is raging in your area. You may actually make yourself more vulnerable to the virus in the short-term.

The rocket is also visible in Australia which has had some of the strictest Covid measures in the world over the last two years. 76% are fully vaccinated.

It is also visible in Canada which has barred the unvaccinated from participating in most aspects of society. 77% are fully vaccinated.

The good news is that every surge in cases in the past has been followed by a decrease at about the same rate. There are early signs that is already starting to occur in South Africa where Omicron was first identified.

If that past trend follows, cases we are seeing on these rocket ship ascents will crash at a similar rate.

The hope would also be that these infections will not lead to increased hospitalizations and deaths.

Further, a best case scenario is that these infections will confer broader based and longer lasting immunity to the population than have been provided by the vaccines despite what was promised a year ago when they were introduced.

I know you are not getting this data and these perspectives in the narratives you hear in the mainstream media and the major social media channels.

However, how can you look at the data and facts that surround us right now and come to any other conclusion if you apply a little critical thinking?

There is something wrong with what you have been told.

In the meantime, strap in as the Omicron Rocket has taken off. We are in this together and you should understand by now that the "experts" do not have all the answers no matter how much they want you to believe otherwise.

Be particularly careful if you are in an area that is seeing these vertical spikes in cases. It doesn't matter if you are vaccinated or not.

We can all only hope and pray for a safe landing after the rough ride we look to be embarking on with the Omicron Rocket in the coming days.

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