Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Is the Narrative Falling Apart?

Since the beginning of the pandemic it has been the narrative that controls rather than science or data.

Remember in the first several months of the pandemic when the narrative was that wearing masks were useless for the general population?

The narrative later changed and it was argued that everyone needed to wear a mask. Masks were mandated almost everywhere in the last six months of 2020.

The science never changed. Scientific studies involving masks consistently showed that anything less than N95 or K95 masks in the general population were of marginal benefit. The science was the same before the pandemic began and it is the same today.

Masks generally disappeared almost everywhere in the early summer of 2021 (except for school-age children!). As cases starting rising in the Fall, the CDC attempted to once again change the narrative and state that masks should be worn by everyone.

However, we are increasingly seeing more and more "experts" now arguing that the cloth face masks that almost everyone was wearing are useless.

“We want to make sure that it is not a cloth mask. A cloth mask does not offer protection,” says Asha Shajahan of the Mayo Clinic.

Now they tell us.

So what about all those kids that still have to wear them to school?

Similarly, we have seen the narrative change on the effectiveness of the vaccines.

At first, you were told that if you were vaccinated you were not going to get the virus or transmit it to someone else.

They told us that the vaccinated did not carry or spread the virus.

Tony Fauci said that the vaccines would mean Covid would hit a dead end and disappear.

These same people have now changed the narrative and are saying that "nobody ever said that you could not be infected with Covid and transmit the virus if you were vaccinated."

However, this is a video montage of everybody important saying it.

The narrative has even changed with those who make the vaccines.

Here is the Pfizer CEO claiming in April, 2021 that its vaccine was 100% effective in preventing Covid-19. 

100% as in there would be NONE, ZERO, NADA infections after taking the vaccine.

What is he saying now? 

Two doses offers very limited protection, if any.

Three doses with the booster offers only "reasonable protection against hospitalization and deaths."

That is quite a change in the narrative.

You can see from this that the new narrative is that "Yes, the vaccines don't stop infections and transmission but they prevent hospitalizations and deaths."

Why has the narrative changed?

Facts are getting in the way. 

Cases in the United States. 

+261% of last winter's peak. 71% of age 12+ are fully vaccinated.

New Reported Cases  (7-day average) in United States

That is nothing compared to what is going on in Rhode Island.

+545% of last winter's peak. 85% of age 12+ fully vaccinated.

New Reported Cases  (7-day average) in Rhode Island

Or in Australia.

+3,280% compared to this time last year. 92% of age 16+ fully vaccinated.

It has been hard to maintain the narrative in the face of these facts.

What about the narrative we still hear almost every day now?

"You may get sick but you won't have to be hospitalized."

"The vast majority of everyone in the hospital is unvaccinated."

Is this true?

Or will this be the next part of the narrative that falls apart because of THE  FACTS?

Let's look at the data and you can decide.

At the peak in hospitalizations last year in the USA(January 9, 2021) there were new daily Covid hospital admissions of 7/100,000 for all age groups. That number was 30/100.000 for those age 70+.

United States New Daily Covid Hospital Admissions
Per 100,000 Population
2021 Peak-January 9, 2021
Source: New York Times

What do the Covid hospital numbers look like now?

These are the numbers per the New York Times as of January 10, 2022. Note that we are clearly not yet at the peak we will see in hospital admissions this year. My guess is that we have a few more weeks to go before they peak.

United States New Daily Covid Hospital Admissions
Per 100,000 Population
January 10, 2022
Source: New York Times

Overall hospital admissions are higher right now than they were at last year's peak.

8/100,000 now vs.7/100,000 last year.

Hospital admissions are below last year's peak right now for age 70+ but my guess is that this will soon be exceeded.

Note as well that every other age group has hospital admission rates that are equal to or higher than last year.

This is with the vaccines.

How do hospital admissions look like in Rhode Island which has the second highest vaccination rate in the nation ( One % point less than Vermont).

This is Rhode Island's daily hospital admission at last winter's peak on December 12, 2020.

This is with 0% vaccinated.

Rhode Island New Daily Covid Hospital Admissions
Per 100,000 Population
2020/21 Winter Peak-December 12, 2020
Source: New York Times

These are the Rhode Island numbers now with 85% ages 12+ fully vaccinated and 95% of age 65+ fully vaccinated.

Hospital admissions have increased from 4/100,000 to 7/100,000 overall for all ages.

For age 70+, hospital admissions have increased from 18 to 25 with 95%+ fully vaccinated!

Rhode Island New Daily Covid Hospital Admissions
Per 100,000 Population
January 10, 2022
Source: New York Times

Considering the high vaccination rates is it believable that the increased hospital rates are really being caused by the minority of those who are unvaccinated?

Further, how could hospital admissions go up at all overall when almost 3/4 of the entire population age 12+ is fully vaccinated? How then can the vaccines be called "effective"?

The narrative defies all logic.

For that reason, we are already seeing subtle changes in the narrative.

The CDC and others are now suggesting that all of those in the hospital WITH Covid are not necessarily in the hospital FOR Covid.

This is a distinction that many suggested should be made in the past but was always rebuffed.

That is no longer the case.

As hospitalizations rise, the narrative is falling apart.

It it time for another narrative adjustment.

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky said this on Fox News Sunday in an attempt to downplay the rising hospitalization numbers.

In some hospitals that we've talked to, up to 40 percent of the patients who are coming in with COVID-19 are coming in not because they're sick with COVID, but because they're coming in with something else and have had to -- COVID or the omicron variant detected.


At this point Covid death have not increased to the same degree as cases and hospitalizations have in this surge. The vaccines may be the reason. Better treatment protocols and less virulence in Omicron might also be contributing factors.

Whatever the reason, let's hope it continues.

Covid Hospitalizations and Deaths
Source: New York Times 

However, Walensky also appears to be in the first stages of changing the narrative on deaths as well. Is she hedging her bets?

In the same Fox News Sunday interview, the CDC Director was asked what the breakdown of deaths were between those WITH Covid and FROM Covid.

On Sunday, Walensky was asked by Fox News anchor Bret Baier how many of the 800k+ covid deaths in America were “with covid” as opposed to “from covid.” He inquired, “Do you know how many of the 836,000 deaths in the U.S. linked to COVID are from COVID or how many are with COVID but they had other comorbidities? Do you have that breakdown?”

“Yes, of course with Omicron we’re following that very carefully,” Walensky dodged. “Our death registry, of course, takes a few weeks to — and is a — takes a few weeks to collect, and of course, Omicron has just been with us for a few weeks, but those data will be forthcoming.”

Two years into this you would think the CDC would have that data readily available.

It has only now become necessary because of Omicron?

Why wasn't it critical before?

It undoubtedly is due to the high number of vaccinated people being hospitalized and dying with Covid positive tests.

It is time for them to create another narrative.

Everyone should understand and expect this now.

It is not about the science.

It is not about the data.

It is not about the facts.

It has always been about the narrative.

However, the narrative is falling apart each and every day.

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  1. You're right. It's what I tried to tell you from the first time I contacted you. You admit that it was THEY that created the narratives that were pushed and have been shown beyond a shadow of a doubt to have been FALSE, as many of stated from the beginning!! But you have refused from the start to take the next logical and necessary step and deal with the WHY?? Calling something a "false narrative," especially one(s) that have created such destruction and has(have) hurt SO many, even KILLED so many, is to sugar coat it, is to create a euphemism. It should be called what it is and always was -- a LIE!! It was total DIS-information that was used as a massive weapon in a Global War of Disinformation, with an agenda. Lies ALWAYS have an agenda behind them ... and that agenda is EVIL. And what do we call it when a group of unbelievably wealthy and powerful people get together and plan evil? -- Yes, it's called a CONSPIRACY!! No theory ... just fact. Go read the WEF.org website (and its sister website). Read what Schwab has been promoting for many years. Read about Technocracy and those behind it. Read about Gates&Fraudci's "Decade of the Vaccine." Go listen to Gates' TED talk in which he guessed we might be able to lower the population by "oh, say, 10-15%." Go look at the first of the "Guidelines" on the "Guidestones of Georgia." [How would one get to that population??] And all that is just the tip of infernal iceberg. This has been planned out for decades, and had nothing to do with incompetence, mismanagement, stupidity, ignorance, or anything else that suggests anything but PURPOSEFUL.